About Us

For more than a quarter century, the University of North Carolina Injury Prevention Research Center has transformed and advanced the field of injury control. Since its creation in 1986, IPRC has conducted a multitude of high-quality research studies that have radically advanced the field. Now in its second quarter-century, the UNC IPRC continues to be a world leader in community-based collaborative efforts to reduce the incidence and consequences of injury and violence, locally and globally.

For 2014-2019, our theme is “Preventing Injury and Violence by Connecting Interdisciplinary Research to Programs, Policy and Practice.”

Our three key aims are:

  • Foster and sustain innovative interdisciplinary research;
  • Translate research findings into programs, policies and practice;
  • Train the next generation of injury researchers and practitioners.

Our Mission: To build the field of injury and violence prevention and control through a combination of interdisciplinary scholarly approaches to research, intervention, and evaluation, and though training practitioners and the next generation of injury prevention researchers.

Our vision: We envision a world in which injury and violence prevention professionals work collaboratively with local and global communities to implement effective solutions that reduce the occurrences and impact of injury and violence.

Throughout its history, IPRC has focused on research translation by developing and implementing innovative techniques for translating research into tangible changes in policy and practice. Our strong partnerships and on-going active collaborations with the North Carolina Division of Public Health, Injury and Violence Prevention Branch, and other agencies and organizations, and our education and training efforts, assure the continued translation of science to practice.

Our team of over 30 UNC researchers represents over a dozen academic disciplines. Our structure includes three cores: Administration & Leadership; Training & Education; and Outreach & Translation. Our six emphasis areas are overseen by Program Area Leads who act as points of contact for IPRC across campus and with the broader community of prevention practitioners. UNC IPRC is led by Stephen Marshall, PhD, and Associate Director Michael J. Bowling, PhD. Drs. Marshall and Bowling have a combined total of 50 years of experience in injury prevention.

IPRC’s Interdisciplinary Campus Connections
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