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People/Contact Us

The IPRC has its core offices on the fifth floor of the CVS Plaza on Franklin Street. These offices hold a little more than half the total complement of IPRC-affiliated people. The Center is comprised of all the investigators working with our many projects. These faculty members, principal investigators, project directors, staff and students, numbering over 90, come from more than a dozen academic units on the Chapel Hill campus and investigators on several other UNC campuses. The strength of our program is dependent on our ability to engage this broad community of scholars in the work of the Center and as collaborators with each other.

IPRC Staff
Apostolos A. Alexandridis, MPH GRA, Dept. of Epidemiology 313-799-2447  aaa@unc.edu
Anna Austen GRA, Dept. of Maternal & Child Health  919-966-2017
Eva Bland, MA Communications Specialist 919-966-9770 ebland@unc.edu
Amy Bradfield HR Specialist 919-445-0623
Hunter Byrd Social/Clinical Research Assistant 336-264-4217
John Cantrell Research Data Specialist 919-843-6618
Josie Caves GRA, Dept. of Epidemiology  404-580-5725
Toska Cooper, MPH Program Coordinator 919-843-8891 toskac@email.unc.edu
Stephanie DeLong GRA  804-677-8514
Paula Gildner, MPH Program Manager 919-966-0465 pgildner@unc.edu
Agnieszka McCort, MA Program Manager, Prescription Overdose Prevention Program 919-966-0159 Amccort@unc.edu
Alexis Moore Program Manager 919-966-0246
Maryalice Nocera Senior Research Program Coordinator 919-966-9769 mnocera@email.unc.edu
Aliza Nedimyer Social/Clinical Research Associate 919962-0396
Leah Cox Thomas Social/Clinical Research Associate lmc3734@email.unc.edu
Sharyn Lynn Wills Support Specialist 919-843-6617 sharyn@email.unc.edu
Jennifer Woody-Collins Program Coordinator 773-844-9696