Research Productivity

Peer-reviewed publications and external funding support are two critical measures of research productivity. The IPRC is exceptionally productive in both areas. Over the history of the IPRC, we have built up the infrastructure that sustains research teams in injury and violence, and publications have steadily increased over time as a result. We are now at the point where the IPRC faculty publish nearly 100 injury and violence papers per year.


However, the influence of our publications on the field is even more impressive. In the most recent 5-year period, we averaged one publication per year in JAMA/BMJ/New England Journal of Medicine. Our top-ten most cited papers were referenced by other authors an average of 68 times each.

A full list of recent IPRC publications may be found here.

The breadth and quality of IPRC’s research is also demonstrated by the diversity of our funded research projects. During the period 2009-2013, IPRC generated $18.2 million in research expenditures from 42 different projects. This represents an excellent return for the NCIPC on its $4.5 million “invested” in the IPRC via ICRC funding. In other words, we conducted $4 of research for every $1 invested by NCIPC. Our teamwork approach is evident in the diversity of areas in which we conduct research. A total of 25 different PIs led 42 different externally-funded projects in 8 different substantive areas during period 2009-2013.

A full list of recent projects by topic area may be found on the topic area pages.