Education & Training

UNC IPRC is dedicated to training the next generation of injury professionals and enhancing the capacity of our current workforce.

Our faculty teach undergraduate and graduate courses on injury and its prevention. IPRC provides employment and research experience to students from a variety of disciplines, among them medicine, social work, mass communications, sports and exercise science, and public health.

While we offer employment and research experience to our students, we also recognize excellence. For instance, the John D. Butts Scholarship in Injury Prevention provides support to exceptional students with a demonstrated interest in using data to solve complex injury challenges.

Students are a vital part of UNC IPRC. There are typically over 20 graduate and postdoctoral students directly involved in IPRC projects. IPRC has contributed substantially to the training of 32 graduate students between 2009-13, and over its history has trained a total of 175 graduate students. Many our former students hold leading positions in research universities and institutes.
Former students trained at IPRC are employed as researchers or practitioners in universities, in community, state, and national Agencies and Centers, and non-governmental agencies.

Current UNC IPRC Students, by Department




We provide targeted training initiatives for practitioners and networks of community advocates in the principles of public health and injury prevention in an applied and focused setting with the Injury-Free NC Academy.