Jason P. Mihalik, PhD, CAT(C), ATC

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.25.04 PMAssistant Professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Science.
Jason Mihalik completed his graduate work in Sports Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Jason is a neurotrauma researcher, with an emphasis on biomechanics related to sports head trauma. He has developed smartphone applications with the goal of preventing unnecessary secondary complications related to sports concussion, and has an interest in applying emerging technologies as an injury prevention strategy. In general terms, Jason studies the common pathways to managing head trauma from the sideline through the emergency department. Across the concussion injury spectrum, his secondary research interests include the neurocognitive and postural deficits associated with sports related mild traumatic brain injury, analyzing postural control strategies, investigating the sequellae associated with mild traumatic brain injuries in athletes and military personnel (i.e. postconcussion syndrome, posttraumatic migraine, etc.), and exploring the potential for innovative treatment interventions. He also has an interest in the field management of neurotraumatic spine-related injuries, specifically with better understanding the implications of athletic equipment on cervical spine injury management.