2017 Gender-Based Violence Symposium

April 4th 2017
12:00 – 4:00 PM
Keynote to start at 12:00 PM
Tate-Turner-Kuralt Auditorium

Join the UNC Gender-Based Violence Research Group in observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month with an interdisciplinary symposium examining gender-based violence and messaging.

This year we are excited to bring to campus internationally acclaimed media critic, author, and filmmaker, Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. Recognized for her groundbreaking work on the image of women in advertising and her critical studies of alcohol and tobacco advertising.

The keynote will be followed by panel discussions, student presentations and hands-on activities. Delve into discussions around how messaging and violence impact each other. Join in domestic and internationally-focused talks given by UNC Doctoral Students.

Coffee, tea and light refreshments will be available. Attendance is free and open to the UNC community and general public. Registration is not required.

Please contact Eva Bland at ebland@unc.edu with any questions about the symposium.

Looking to present at this year’s GBV Summit?

We are seeking researchers, practitioners, students, and activists interested in sharing their research, ideas, and program successes in a brief 5-minute format to ignite conversations and discussions between the presenters and the audience. The broad theme for this year’s lightning talk presentations is “Addressing gender-based violence through changing social norms.” Speakers will address how this theme relates to their research, activism, practice, or community engagement in rapid succession followed by conversations between speakers and the audience. If you are interested, please fill out this short survey  by Monday, February 27th at 5pm: https://tinyurl.com/GBVLightningTalk.  Please contact lbklein@unc.edu with any questions.

About Our Keynote: Jean Kilbourne

Jean Kilbourne UNC presentation

Advertising is an over $250 billion a year industry.

We are each exposed to over 3000 ads a day. The ads sell a great deal more than products. They sell values, images, and concepts of success and worth, love and sexuality, popularity and normalcy. Sometimes they sell addictions.

Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., internationally acclaimed media critic, author, and filmmaker, is known for her ability to present provocative topics in a way that unites rather than divides and that encourages dialogue. With expert knowledge, insight, humor and commitment, she moves and empowers people to take action in their own and in society’s interest.

The award-winning films “Killing Us Softly,” “Spin the Bottle,” and “Slim Hopes” are based on her lectures. She has twice received the Lecturer of the Year award from the National Association for Campus Activities and was named by The New York Times Magazine as one of the three most popular lecturers on college campuses. She is the author of Can’t Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel and So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids .

_Kilbourne_Poster_2011-4“Jean Kilbourne’s arguments are as focused and unassailable as those of a good prosecutor. Piece by piece she builds a case for an America deeply corrupted by advertisers.”
— Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia


“Jean Kilbourne’s work is pioneering and crucial to the dialogue of one of the most underexplored, yet most powerful, realms of American culture — advertising. We owe her a great debt.”
— Susan Faludi, author of Backlash

Call for Volunteers

We are also seeking volunteers who would like to help with various aspects of the Symposium on Gender-Based Violence Research including outreach, advertising, logistics, evaluation, community engagement, and more.  Please contact vembry@live.unc.edu if you are interested or want to learn more.