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Opioid Overdose Prevention Injury-Free NC Academy

The Injury-Free NC Academy is a training program for injury and violence prevention (IVP) practitioners in North Carolina. Each session of an Academy focuses on a timely topic impacting North Carolinians. This year, the Opioid Overdose Prevention Academy will focus on harm reduction through safer syringe exchange and naloxone distribution program strategies.

During an 8-month period, county-based teams will work together to prepare and implement syringe exchange and naloxone distribution programs in their communities. Each team will be provided an expert “Coach” to mentor the in-person training sessions as well as provide technical assistance when the team is back home and connections to experts in the field (e.g. peers from other established programs).

The Academy includes three, in-person sessions in Chapel Hill, NC. If accepted, your team must be able to attend all these dates in Chapel Hill. Though there are no tuition costs for attending the Academy, your team will be responsible for room, board, dinner, and travel costs. The Academy will provide meeting space, breakfast, lunch, drinks, and all meeting materials at no cost to you for each day of the in-person meetings. Approximately ten teams will be invited to participate following the application review.

At the Opioid Overdose Prevention Injury-Free NC Academy, participants will:

  • Find and use relevant data in NC and in your local community
  • Understand the current evidence-base behind naloxone distribution and safer syringe exchange
  • Develop, implement and plan to sustain an effective program
  • Ensure compliance with NC laws that legalize syringe exchange and enable naloxone distribution
  • Measure success through program evaluation
  • Mobilize and sustain a community coalition or partnership
  • Prepare for grant opportunities and leverage funds

We encourage you to apply if you…

  • Are a North Carolina county, district, region, community group, or a coalition focusing on the prevention of opioid overdose
  • Have a committed, core team of three to six members with an identified a health department representative and a law enforcement representative
  • A team whose members represent multiple organizations, backgrounds or disciplines (ie: recovery advocates, county commissioners, treatment center staff, housing authority, clinicians, social workers, faith organizations, transportation services, etc).
  • Are using, planning to, or wanting to adopt syringe exchange and naloxone distribution  programs

Resources/More Information


September Applications due
September 8th 2017 Teams notified
October 25th – 26th 2017 First in-person, two-day training session in Chapel Hill, NC
November – February 2017 Teams go back home to work on their projects
February 21st – 22nd 2018 Second in-person, two-day training session in Chapel Hill, NC
February – June 2018 Teams go back home to work on their projects
June 7th 2018 Third in-person, one-day workshop in Chapel Hill, NC

Questions? Please Email Eva Bland at ebland@unc.edu