About Us

Good science saves lives, and it saves even more lives when combined with effective outreach, quality training, and skilled professionals devoted to the translation of research into practice. For more than 30 years, the IPRC has been combining innovative science in injury and violence prevention with collaborative evidence-based action in the form of programs, practices, and policies.

The main emphasis of our work lies in five specific focus areas: the prevention of gender-based violence, opioid disorder and overdose, child abuse and neglect, traumatic brain injury, and road traffic injury. The IPRC’s research teams have diverse disciplinary backgrounds and focus on developing innovative solutions in each of these five areas. We focus on a common goal — forging solutions to our nation’s most pressing IVP problems.

In addition to excellence in research, our Center is known for its collaboration with the IVP practitioner community and partnerships with a range of community-based organizations and public health agencies. Our Outreach Core and Training and Education Core work in collaboration with national, state, and community partners to translate scientific knowledge into tangible advances in policy and practice.

The IPRC’s depth of research and faculty expertise in multiple areas of IVP, coupled with our long history of close engagement with the practitioner community, make the IPRC a trusted source of prevention and research knowledge for both researchers and practitioners in our state, region, and nationally.