Welcome Message

Injury and violence are two of the leading causes of suffering and poor health. They inflict an enormous burden on individuals, communities, and societies. Globally, nearly 5 million people die as a result of injuries each year. In the U.S. (and North Carolina) more people die from injury and violence in the first half of their lives (1-44 years) than from any other cause. Injury and violence also cost billions of dollars in health care and lost productivity, diverting limited public resources from other social investments.

The good news is that much injury and violence is preventable – if we know how. For over 30 years, the IPRC has been on the front lines in advancing the science and practice of injury and violence prevention. We conduct innovative, multidisciplinary research that sets the standard for injury and violence research centers around the world.

We’re also committed to turning our research into good practice. The IPRC is proud to be part of CDC’s Program of Injury Control Research Centers, multidisciplinary research “hubs” that engage with practice partners to develop, test, and disseminate new innovations in injury and violence prevention. We work with leaders and other community partners, including the Injury and Violence Prevention Branch at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, to conduct research, outreach, and training activities.

Co-founded by Drs. Patricia F. Waller and Carol W. Runyan in 1987, the IPRC has grown to become one of the interdisciplinary research Centers and Institutes overseen by UNC’s Vice Chancellor for Research. UNC IPRC has helped shape many professional careers, including my own. It’s a pleasure to work alongside graduate students and junior faculty, and appreciate the positive benefit that UNC IPRC exerts on their research careers. It is an honor to lead a Center that has achieved so much, and touched so many lives over its history.

We welcome your interest, support, collaboration, and enthusiasm for our work!

~Beth Moracco