The American Library Association included the 2018 North Carolina Health Equity Report, published by the NCDHHS Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities, on their list of  Notable Government Documents from 2018. They described it as a “tool monitors the state’s progress toward eliminating gaps among the health statuses of different racial/ethnic groups. Data was collected from various sources, with key indicators based on their relevance to health and health disparities and the availability of information.”

Released in April 2018, the report:

  • Measures and monitors the state’s progress toward eliminating the health status gaps experienced by racial/ethnic minorities;
  • Provides data that can aid community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, tribal governments, local health departments, state agencies, legislators, local businesses and communities in devising services and outreach plans; and
  • Can inform key decision makers about eliminating health disparities through policy reform and system change.

Read the full report here.