Schedule of Events

Gender-Based Violence Career Panel, 8:30-9:30 AM

Location: Michael Hooker Research Center, Room 0001, Gillings School of Public Health
Breakfast provided
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Robyn Dayton, FHI 360
Mahua Mandai, MEASURE Evaluation
Audrey Pettifor, UNC research faculty
Juliette Grimmett, Chrysalis Network
Jennifer Hardison-Walters, RTI International

Symposium, 11:30 AM-4 PM

Location: Sonja Haynes Stone Center (Hitchcock Multipurpose Room)
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11:30 AM Complimentary Lunch

12:00-12:10 Opening remarks
Josie Caves, UNC Doctoral Student, Epidemiology

12:10-12:15 Welcome and Invocation
Beth Moracco, MPH, PhD

12:15-12:45  Presentation: “Systems of Meaning: Media Representations of Gender-Based Violence”
Anne Johnston, PhD and Barbara Friedman, PhD
The Irina Project, School of Media and Journalism

12:45-1:15 Student Research Presentations
“The societal cost of intimate partner violence-related deaths: An intersectional analysis of national data”
“’Psychotic ex-Wives’ or ‘Poor Victims’: Judicial perceptions of survivors in Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) cases”

1:15-1:45 Presentation: “The Rape Kit Backlog in North Carolina: History and Lessons Learned”
JP Przewoznik, MSW
Director of Prevention and Evaluation
NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault

1:45-2:00p Coffee and cake break

2:00-2:30 Presentation: “Gender-based violence and human trafficking: The challenge of creating policy responses grounded in evidence”
Abigail English, JD
Director of the Center for Adolescent Health & the Law, School of Public Health

2:30-2:55 Research & Practice for Justice: A Warm-Up Charrette Procedure
LB Klein, MSW, MPA

2:55-3:55 Panel: “What does justice look like in your practice?”
Community Organizer: Juliette Grimmett (Chrysalis Network)
Court Advocate: Katie Wolff (UNC/Duke)
Medical System: Danielle Battle (SANE nurse)
Law Enforcement Representative: Lieutenant James Ellis (Criminal Investigations Unit, UNC-Chapel Hill Police Department)

3:55-4:00 Closing remarks
Yasmin Barrios, UNC Doctoral Student

Every effort will be made to accommodate advance accessibility requests; on-site requests cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Leah Taraskiewicz at with any questions or for more assistance.

Speaker Bios:

Abigail English, J.D   is a lawyer, researcher, and advocate for the rights of vulnerable young people. Since 1999, she has directed the Center for Adolescent Health & the Law in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. From 1976 to 1998, she was an attorney at the National Center for Youth Law in San Francisco, California. Her research and advocacy have focused on health insurance and public financing of care for adolescents and young adults, consent and confidentiality protections, sexual and reproductive health care, and human trafficking.

Barbara G. Friedman (Ph.D., University of Missouri) is an associate professor in the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an adjunct faculty member in the department of Women’s and Gender Studies. Her research focuses on gender, race, and class in contemporary and historical media. She co-directs The Irina Project (TIP), which analyzes media representations of sex trafficking and advocates for the responsible and accurate reporting of the issue. Friedman is a past editor of American Journalism and a former journalist.

Anne Johnston (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) is the Parker Distinguished Professor in the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an adjunct faculty member in the Women’s and Gender Studies department. Her research and teaching focus on gender and media, gendered violence, and news coverage of sex trafficking. She is the co-director of The Irina Project, a research and training program, and web-based resource focused on the ethical and accurate portrayal of sex trafficking.

JP Przewoznik, MSW (any pronouns respectfully) is a proud social worker with 20 years of experience in direct practice and systems advocacy. JP has experience as a clinician, educator, researcher, program evaluator, policy advocate, and technical assistance provider, and has spent much of her career working with and within LGBTQ+ and HIV+ communities. She currently works as the Director of Prevention and Evaluation with the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Additionally, JP serves on the Boards for Safe Schools North Carolina and FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. In her spare time, she makes vegan versions of all of her grandma’s Polish food recipes and schemes about opening a senior dog sanctuary.