Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) takes many forms, including intimate partner and sexual violence, and trafficking. GBV affects both men and women, but it disproportionately affects women and girls, and although data are limited, some LGBTQ+ communities also experience a disproportionate risk of GBV. At least a third of U.S. women have experienced GBV, and more than half of the women murdered in the U.S. are killed by current or former partners. The IPRC develops and tests interventions and policies that address various forms of GBV.

Our Impact

A research team, led by IPRC Associate Director Dr. Beth Moracco, conducted structured observations of 420 North Carolina (NC) DVPO hearings from June 2016-July 2017 and abstracted data from the corresponding case files.

Determining best practices for domestic violence protective orders in North Carolina

The Courts Applying Solutions to End Intimate Partner Violence (CASE IPV) study, funded by the National Institute of Justice, was conducted to identify best practices for domestic violence protective orders (DVPOs). The goal is to understand the factors associated with higher rates of granted DVPOs, as well as whether current best practice guidelines from national organizations and experts are consistent with higher rates of and more comprehensive granted DVPOs. Data will be shared with key stakeholders throughout NC. PI: Kathryn E. (Beth) Moracco, PhD, MPH | Administering Department: Health Behavior

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Our Students and Faculty

Student-Led Research

As part of our mission of “training the next generation of injury researchers and practitioners,” IPRC is proud to support UNC students in conducting cutting-edge injury and violence prevention research, including the Gender-Based Violence Research Group. This group of UNC Chapel Hill students works to foster a better understanding of, and an end to, all forms of gendered violence. The group plans activities that 1) facilitate interdisciplinary research; 2) provide training and professional development for GBV researchers and practitioners; and 3) create opportunities for networking for individuals interested in GBV research and practice.

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Outreach Spotlight

Developing a Statewide Approach to Intimate Partner Violence Screening in North Carolina Healthcare Networks

This project is a partnership between UNC researchers and the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV). The project engages healthcare and community service providers to enhance intimate partner violence (IPV) screening and response in primary care settings. The project will result in the increased use of screening, brief interventions, and referrals to local domestic violence services by healthcare providers at the implementation sites, as well as an evidence-based toolkit for implementing IPV screening and intervention protocols in primary care settings. Evaluator: Kathryn E. (Beth) Moracco, PhD, MPH; Administering Department: Health Behavior.