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Evaluation Data to Inform the Development of an Emergency Shelter for Domestic Violence Survivors in Orange County

Orange County Domestic Violence Needs Assessment

Similar to other North Carolina (NC) communities, Orange County is significantly affected by the problem of intimate partner violence (IPV). Unlike many other NC communities however, Orange County does not have some typical services to help address this terrible problem, including a dedicated domestic violence shelter and housing services for IPV-affected families. Given the importance of ensuring that Orange County families affected by IPV receive comprehensive and beneficial services, a group of community members, service leaders — including representatives from the UNC Hospitals’ Beacon Child and Family Program, the Compass Center for Women and Families, the Orange County Rape Crisis Center and a team of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work — and researchers developed a collaborative partnership to conduct a needs assessment in Orange County. The full report can be accessed here. PIs: Rebecca J. Macy, PhD | Cindy F. Rizo, PhD; Administering School: School of Social Work

School-Based Human Trafficking Program Development

This project aims to enhance the well-being of middle and high school students across North Carolina by developing evidence-informed and developmentally appropriate content and protocols to teach students about sex trafficking and connect at-risk students with needed services. These materials are being developed for use in North Carolina public schools, including alternative schools for higher risk students. PI: Sandra L. Martin, PhD |Co-Is: Cynthia F. Rizo, PhD|Rebecca J. Macy, PhD; Administrating Department and School: Maternal and Child Health and Social Work