Road Traffic Injury

Our Impact

Informing and supporting evidence-based policy in NC

Throughout the IPRC’s history, the Center has produced timely, policy-relevant research. Research published by the Center on the injury prevention and cost saving benefits of North Carolina’s universal motorcycle helmet law has helped inform our state’s policy debate regarding motorcycle rider protections (Naumann et al., 2015; Harmon et al., 2015).

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An impressive team of UNC faculty from over a dozen academic disciplines is the research “engine” of the IPRC.

Outreach Spotlight

A Safe Systems Approach

The goal of this project is to convene a diverse group of cross-sector experts and examine available data sources to explore the underlying and complex factors driving the national rise in pedestrian deaths. The project is designed to put innovative systems science tools and theory to work, demonstrating a powerful means for examining underlying drivers of complex problems and exploring effective leverage points for interventions. This project is being done in collaboration with the Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety (CSCRS). Co-PIs: Rebecca B. Naumann, PhD, MSPH | Laura Sandt, PhD, MRP