Road Traffic Injury | Impact

Research on building effective programs to protect young and vulnerable populations

The IPRC’s founding Director, Dr. Patricia F. Waller, was the original developer of the concept of graduated driver licensing systems (GDLS). In the 1970s, Dr. Waller drew on the background in three areas – psychology, highway safety, and public health – to argue that driving was a complex set of skills that needs to be learned in a structured and supervised manner. The concept of GDLS is now implemented in all 50 states and many countries. In collaboration with the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, the IPRC continues to advance the science of GDLS with research demonstrating both short- and long-term benefits of them (project leads: Scott V. Masten, PhD and Robert Foss, PhD); focusing on understanding the interplay between race and income level differences in GDLS (Project Lead: Yudan Wang, PhD and Arthur Goodwin, PhD); and supporting road safety work in Tribal communities (project lead: Carolyn Crump, PhD, MA).

Using Data to Inform Action

Innovative Data Linkages to Advance Research on Risk Factors and Outcomes Associated with Crashes

The IPRC has supported several projects designed to fill gaps in the road injury-related evidence base through data linkages. Dr. Galica-Vladutiu conducted linkage of vital records to crash reports to further the field’s understanding of crashes and pregnancy outcomes, demonstrating considerable injury prevention benefits of belt use during pregnancy (Vladutiu et al., 2013; Vladutiu et al., 2014). Additionally, the IPRC has served as a key player in ongoing work to establish linkages between existing NC motor vehicle crash, emergency medical services, emergency department, trauma, hospital, and medical examiner data sources. Finally, as a core member of the Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety, a national University Transportation Center, the IPRC was actively involved in exploring data linkages that can advance understanding of major crash risk factors. Currently, IPRC leads work to support Vision Zero transportation safety efforts across NC, ensuring research is translated into action.

IPRC contact:  Rebecca B. Naumann, PhD, MSPH

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