Traumatic Brain Injury | Impact

Impact on TBI Programs and Interventions

The IPRC's research sets the stage for educational and behavioral interventions to facilitate concussion disclosure and identification.

Drs. Register-Mihalik and Kerr are two of the first researchers to apply behavioral theory and public health models to understanding concussion disclosure and identification. Their work, published in journals ranging from Health Promotion and Practice to sports medicine journals such as the Journal of Athletic Training and the American Journal of Sports Medicine, is responsive to the 2013 Institute of Medicine Report on Youth Concussion, specifically Goal 6, which called for changing the culture concerning concussion safety in youth sport.

Impact on Injury Surveillance

Research to Action: IPRC’s research leads to improvements in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) surveillance in youth sports and informs future work

Through late 2010, IPRC and Department of Exercise and Sport Science researchers published an extensive set of papers addressing numerous aspects of sport-related traumatic brain injury across all levels of play — from youth to professional sports. This work was largely led by Drs. Kerr, Marshall, and Guskiewicz and included publications in JAMA Pediatrics, Pediatrics, and numerous publications in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, one of the most widely read practitioner-based journals in the field of sports medicine. In addition, this work emphasized the importance of and key strategies for collecting data among these vulnerable populations.

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