Traumatic Brain Injury | Outreach

Research to Practice

Teaching Risk Reduction in Athletics with Interactive Networking (TRAIN)

The TRAIN Study focuses on improving communication and education about concussion in middle school sports. Most research has focused on collegiate, professional, and high school sports; relatively little research attention, to date, has been paid to the middle school population. The heart of  the TRAIN study is a community-based social change model (utilizing “popular opinion leaders”) that has not previously been utilized in the context of concussion education. Read more about TRAIN here.  The TRAIN study is supported by the CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. PIs: Zachary Y. Kerr, PhD, PHH | Johna Register-Mihalik, PhD, ATC

Gfeller Center Concussion Clinic

UNC’s Matthew Gfeller Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Center, in conjunction with UNC’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, hosts a weekly concussion clinic. Athletes who have sustained a sport-related concussion and whose current symptoms have lasted more than three weeks since the injury are eligible to attend the concussion clinic. The clinic uses a multi-modal approach for diagnosing concussion-related symptoms and devises an individualized treatment plan. The clinical team consists of athletic trainers, graduate students in Human Movement Science, and physicians. This team is extremely well-informed about the latest research in this important and evolving area. Click here for instructions about making an appointment. IPRC-affiliate faculty contact: Johna Register-Mihalik, PhD, ATC